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Negin Shahd Shahran Pars intends to rely on God and the thinking of experts and the efforts of workers, to give a happy mood in the form of different flavors of fruit drinks to valuable consumers. Therefore, quality and commitment to the customer is the top priority of our work to be the best and this is the beginning of the road, because Negin Shahd Shahran Pars Company has placed a jewel of art, expertise and industry in the hearts of local artists, engineers and craftsmen. To be the leader of the land of Persia with the sweet nectar of Reza Elahi.

Negin Shahd Shahran Pars Company has started its activity for more than a decade in the field of producing drinks in the flavors of pomegranate, cherry, barberry, red grape, mango, orange, apple, peach and pineapple. In order to advance its goals of entrepreneurship and introducing Iranian taste in global markets, this company continues its activities by establishing a factory and tries to produce various products with first-class and high-quality raw materials. Among the products of this company, we can mention the drinks with the brand of Mojtaba, Wimba Plus and Mojin Plus in different flavors and in the near future, different carbonated drinks. The company makes every effort to produce quality and supply goods at reasonable prices in global markets. Until citizens are fully satisfied Have this product.

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